Ur-Quan Masters HD


Travel through space in search of your destiny


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Ur-Quan Masters HD is a high-def version of the awesome Ur-Quan Masters, which itself is a remake of the classic Star Control II for modern operating systems. Star Control II was one of the most important science fiction titles of the 1990s.

One of the key elements of Ur-Quan Masters HD is the total freedom that you enjoy at all times. As you go along your adventures, you neither have to follow a predefined storyline, nor do you have to go wherever this or that character tells you to go. Instead, it is you yourself and your journeys that will forge the story.

In this way, gameplay is divided into various and varied segments. On one hand, you have a general view of the galaxy through which you can move with your spaceship. You can add tons of annexed artifacts to your ship, and have conversations and make decisions about what to do in the name of your captain.

On the other hand are the battles, where you'll take direct control of your ship, dodging and shooting with built-in controls. This is where your own skill, as well as the features you've added to your ship, will be put to the test.

Ur-Quan Masters HD is an outstanding science-fiction role-playing game that adds the additional layer of excellent graphics to an already great game. Near infinite hours of playing time are hidden in this galaxy.
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